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Survey Templates gives you the ability to quickly, easily and professionally send out the perfect survey to your friends, clients, staff or anyone you want to evaluate. You can create your own surveys and re-use them over and over again. The software has been created so that you have full control of the design and content of your survey.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Surveys measures how products and services supplied by a company or individuals meet or surpass customer expectation. The customer feedback is helpful to get a client’s perspective of an organization.

Employee Feedback Surveys

Employee Feedback Surveys has been designed to give management feedback on employees thoughts and opinions. It is a great tool to stay in touch with staff and departments. It can also highlight concerns and recommendations.

360 Degree Survey Templates

360 Degree Surveys is a great tool to give feedback that comes from members of an employee’s immediate work circle. 360 Degree Surveys will include direct feedback from an employee’s subordinates, peers, and manager(s), as well as a self-evaluation.

Mystery Shopping Survey

Mystery shopping is a tool used to measure quality and deliverance of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. The mystery shopper’s specific identity is in most cases not known by the establishment being evaluated.

Sales Process Evaluation

The sales process describes an approach and science to market and selling a product or service by a person, company, organization or even a website. The process follows a certain route that can be evaluated.

Exit Interview

An exit interview is usually conducted by the human resources department to survey an individual who is leaving organization or establishment. The results from exit interviews can be used to reduce employee, student, or team members turnover and increase productivity and also reduce the high costs associated with staff turnover

Sales Process Guide

The Sales Process Survey are used by companies who would like to ascertain the level of service given to its customers, be it sales or customer care related. The survey gives vital information on the company and employees ability to sell.

Brand Awareness Survey

Knowing the perception of your brand through the eyes of the consumer or client is vital for any business. There are various ways to conduct these surveys from phone, face to face, e-mail social media or even website feedback forms.

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Our software has been designed so that you have full control of the design and content of your survey. As a Pro Subscriber, you will have access to all our templates.

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