Survey Template

360 Degree Survey Templates

360 Degree Survey Templates

360 Degree Survey Templates and evaluations are methods of assessment that can enrich an organization’s human resources through the identification of individuals’ personal development needs, improved feedback, teamwork and better career development. The feedback originates from an employee’s subordinates, colleagues and supervisor, as well as a self-evaluation.

General 360degree Survey

staff 360 questionnaire

Communication 360degree Survey

staff communication 360

Basic Report

various reporting graphs

Why Conduct 360 Degree Evaluations?

When it comes to evaluating employees, executives find that accurate feedback can often be very difficult to obtain. People tell them what they think they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear. Therefore a 360 degree evaluation can help – because the feedback comes from multiple sources ; it provides executives with exactly what they need: frank evaluations.

Benefits to the individual:

  • Perception of others
  • Personal development needs are revealed
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement
  • Manage their careers and performance
  • Identify peak performance

Benefits to the team

  • Increases communication between team members
  • Supports teamwork
  • Better career development for employees
  • Be reliable
  • Promote within
  • Improves customer service
  • Drives training

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