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Brand Awareness Survey

In evaluating a company’s success in reaching it’s desired customers, brand awareness can be a powerful indicator

Our Brand Awareness Survey Templates provide valuable intelligence as to your company’s marketing presence and the strength of your brand recognition. By conducting brand awareness you can identify the factors that influence brand loyalty by exploring the reasons customers have considered, and then chosen or rejected particular brands.

You can further determine advertising awareness, product differentiation, repeat purchase, and intent to buy.

The Brand Awareness goes hand in hand with Market Research and any organization should try to obtain information on consumer needs and gather marketing intelligence to help satisfy these needs. Every decision poses unique needs for information gathered through market research, and relevant strategies can be developed based on the information gathered through the research. The following is an example of a survey to help with Brand Awareness.

Brand Awareness Survey

 brand questionnaire

Branch Evaluation

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Basic Report Example

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How do you find out about your brand?

  • Talk to your target audience
  • Conduct focus groups

What you need to know about your customers:

  • Who is your customer?
  • Which similar companies come to mind first?
  • What factors drive the customer’s decision to select a vendor?
  • How aware is the customer of your product and services?
  • Does the customer know your product?
  • How does the customer describe your position in the market place?
  • What is the customer’s perception of your company?
  • Where does the customer see your company’s position in the market place in the future?

Use the above information to work out:

  • Customers perceptions
  • Where you are perceived in the market place
  • Where your gaps are
  • Who your main competitors are
  • Evaluate the feedback
  • Put action plans in place based on the feedback to increase your brand awareness.

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