How to Launch a Survey

After creating and designing your survey you can now launch your survey through our launch engine. Follow our easy steps to sending out your surveys. You get various options to send out your surveys and all the steps are listed on screen.

After creating and formatting your survey you can now launch your survey. There are various ways to launch your survey.

1 – Email

2 – Manual (Used by staff or internally)

3 – Web (Website pages and links)

An easy way to create a launch is to navigate to your survey from the home screen and click the launch button.

Alternatively you can launch the survey from your “My Surveys” page by clicking on the envelope.

Or you can click on “Launch Survey” wherever you see the following:

Follow the screen to complete the launch. You will notice a variety of launch types, choose the correct one you wish and complete the screen.

If you selected to do an E-mail link, you will be directed to the E-mail option screen where you can compile your e-mail, reminder mail as well as your thank you mail. If you set any parameters, you can also include them in your mail by clicking on the pins.
Your mail can be sent as HTML or TEXT. If you upload a image to your mail, please note the e-mail will generate in HTML. Should you wish to send it in TEXT, please don’t upload any images to your mail.

After completing your mail and reminder messages, you can continue to the next screen.
Recipient Details – A selection of ways you can enter your recipients (clients or respondents) into the system for delivery (e-mailing)

You now have a selection of ways you can input your recipient details.

Text, Comma delimited
Text, Tab delimited
MS Excel

It is also in this field that you can enter any Parameters you might have. (Name, Surname, Department) You can have up to 5 parameters.