DIY Customer Satisfaction Survey

Often Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction surveys can be a very expensive exercise. We at SurveyStatz are passionate about customer care and have created a solution for those who would like to conduct these very important surveys but don’t have the huge budgets that large corporate companies have or prefer to conduct your own customer and employee satisfaction research.

We have created survey templates that you may subscribe to at a very low cost.

What is included in the subscription?
A survey of your choice – Numerous templates to choose from
Your company logo inserted into the survey
A picture link or worded link inviting customers to participate in the survey (see below for sample)
A web link that may be added to your website inviting customers to participate in the survey
Pop up link for your website
A password protected admin link to view, analyse browse, filter and download responses
Redirect to your website upon submission of survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates