Go Back to School with Your Neat Digital Filing System
As a parent of three, by the end of August, I am always eager for the school season to begin. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy summer nights spent with the kids, pool parties, beach trips, and volleyball games, but it’s always nice to get back on a family schedule. Now, if you know what I’m talking about, you probably also realize that the school season can be overwhelming from school activities to sporting events to work schedules.

This year, I would like my fellow parents to rest assured because Neat’s Digital Filing System will make your back-to-school transition simple. Here are a few great ways to integrate Neat into your back-to-school lifestyle:

Back-to-school shopping is the best for kids, and probably the worst for parents. So, manage a back-to-school shopping budget by scanning personal receipts with your mobile device or Neat scanner. Neat users can also create expense and spending reports within Neat’s software which synchronizes with NeatCloud, allowing for access anytime, anywhere.
Come mid-fall, schedules will be chaotic. Keep track of sports schedules, lunch menus, event calendars, and other school-related documents by scanning or uploading them into Neat’s Digital Filing System. In case of a scheduling conflict, instantly access important information via the NeatMobile app.
Once the school season is in full swing you will most likely be trying to whip up a quick and semi-nutritious meal, before running off to a sports practice or dance recital. Eliminate the rush to find the perfect meal and scan magazine clippings or upload digital recipes from your favorite website to the Neat Digital Filing System. Recipes within Neat are easy to find because every word is keyword searchable.
Most schools require up-to-date medical and insurance forms. Parents can provide the school with these important documents by scanning them with NeatDesk, NeatReceipts, or NeatMobile and sending via email.
Lastly, I encourage you to cherish these moments with your young and adventurous children. Scan and save their artwork and report cards with NeatDesk, NeatReceipts, or NeatMobile and with the help of NeatCloud, share them with a loved one
Don’t forget to stay tuned for the release of NeatMobile on the Android operating system and check out our Back to School deal for great savings.

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Email information:

NeatCloud users have a distinct @neatcloud email address. Users can forward information directly into their NeatCloud account from that email address. All of the information sent to NeatCloud via email can be found in the “Email-in” folder of NeatCloud.

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